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LilRottie Hood was born October 7, 1999 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Recently signed to Legacy Records, LilRottie is a young and exciting new artist that also owns his own clothing line, Boulani Elizabeth. He boasts a unique sound for the rap/hip-hop scene while producing and sound engineering for himself and other artists as well. LilRottie recently performed in Salt Lake City, Utah where he opened up for rapper Caskey. LilRottie’s music influences stem from Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and JuiceWrld as well as some underground artists from his Atlantic City community that have inspired the music he creates. These artists include Mava and Kmiz Peezy Smoke. LilRottie more than five singles already on Spotify and Apple Music. His newest single, Destiny, is set to release this fall.

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