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Craig Ebron AKA SuaveFello, recently signed to Legacy Records, is a rapper/songwriter Brooklyn native who was born in Bedstuy. This community is known for their “Do or Die” slogan and is the same neighborhood that Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls) and Shawn Carter (JayZ) originate from. Suave is currently working on many new songs, compilations, and projects with the Legacy Records team and is also a model and influencer for different brands around the country. Suave creates music by bringing melodies, rhythms and great formation when envisioning songs and soundtracks. A master of his art, Suave has recently landed a co-publishing deal with BMG Platinum Sound. The brand landed Suave his first ever major motion picture placement with his song “The Hitman” in the movie Fatman starring Mel Gibson. Fatman is now available for viewing in select theaters and on all streaming platforms. Be on the lookout for SuaveFello’s new single GRADUATE which will drop soon on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

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